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Category: Poetry

The Study

The Study Mari Ness In the mirrors, a monster with stolen eyes and breath, hungry for human speech. In the doors the shadows of her…

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The Process

The Process Sonya Taaffe Kafka has gotten lost in his own adjective. Yesterday he wrote me from Zürau, but my address was censored and the…

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Life by the river

Life by the river Jamie Samdahl Every afternoon I swallow rain and it puts me to sleep     beside you I cross over     into your river dreams      each time our temples touch the muddiness     the sway of the bridge is irresistible I am keeping a caterpillar in a jar     I am feeding it memories of last summer     the morning shadows the mountains wore purple asters     your horror at my scalp sliding and the steadiness of your hands holding me in place It wasn’t all so urgent     there were whole days without pain and mostly I spent them alone matching inhale and exhale to the windy muslin curtains the river in waking life     warm as your voice     I go to visit the place deep in the woods     where I clean my blood with clover soak my cut feet in the slow bend where a stellar’s jay assures me I won’t die I will never die of course you don’t believe me     when I return from kitchen with glass of water from work with wrinkled paycheck from daydreams with a frown when I confess…

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