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Malena Salazar Maciá, Toshiya Kamei, Deborah L. Davitt, Dean A. Brink, Drema Deòraich, Raluca Balasa, Dennis Mombauer, I. S. Heynen, May Chong, Logan Thrasher Collins, Holly Day, R. J. Keeler, Z.M. Quỳnh, Aber O. Grand & Michael T. Smith, Arvind Dubey, Kshama Gautam, Shirish Gopal Deshpande, Narendra Petkar, Lorenzo Latrofa, Massimiliano di Lauro & Salik Shah

ART Macrocheira kaempferi (1911) by Theobald Carreras, Wellcome Collection.    

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The Knowing

You couldn’t let your light get too bright lest you lost your footing. A few patches now and then kept your light in check, and kept you grounded.


One day she herself ripened,
swelling with the demon’s child.
Twelve months she grew and grew,
rounder than a pumpkin.


How can I acknowledge your things of whiteness
mine? Born too late for never-setting empires

Mother’s Blood

Stella blinked. She stood in the same place, still naked, but Celandine’s blood had vanished and the statue was unmarked. Its eyes were closed, and very much made of stone.


Coen rolled his eyes. For a moment he’d pleasantly forgotten that Gwen’s husband Martin was even there. The man hadn’t made a single kill the entire trip, which was bad even for a beginner.

Blood Relations

“All the stars you look up to—kid, you just wait. By the time you’re thirty or forty, they’ll have tell-alls recounting all the therapy they need just to sleep at night.”


he saw you, blue / as frostbite, wild soot-stained hair and manic eyes, / your heart, a birdhouse of caged fluttering / wings.


little woman, / may your feet be steep as mountains / may you creep into the muddied seas / and dribble into the warm skies.

As Dark As Hunger

With every step Ellen takes, her body drags through the water, leaving chevrons in her wake. The surface dimples as water skippers skim away from her, and little bubbles break the surface as fish dart up to eat the algae and insects floating on the surface like gasoline.