The “Asian SF” Special Issue

Issue 5+6, July/August 2016


“Aswang, at Night” by Mia S-N | / @Likhan



Dreams & Delusions
Salik Shah


Asian Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror: A Round Table Discussion
Aliette de Bodard, Alyssa Wong, Isabel Yap, John Chu, JY Yang & Priya Sharma

Interview: Lavie Tidhar

Interview: Glen Hirshberg

Interview: Mary Anne Mohanraj

Interview: Mark James Russell

Interview: Ken Liu *

Interview: Usman T. Malik *

Interview: Indra Das *


Priya Sharma

No Other City
Ng Yi-Sheng

Samjogo and the Vengeful Stories
Mark James Russell

Excerpt from The Devourers
Indra Das

Isha Karki

Shit Flower
Anil Menon

The New Daughter
Dean Francis Alfar

Give and Receive
David S. Golding

Amal Singh


Lessons in Mango Picking
Shobhana Kumar

Life 38
Seo-Young Chu

Fallen to Witches
Jennifer Crow

An Elegy
B. Clifford

where are you, / Nessie?
Brendan McBreen

Puppy Love
Ken Poyner

Calcutta: An Ode to an Unborn Life
Ajapa Sharma


“Even When We Go to the Stars”: The Burning Light in Mary Anne Mohanraj’s The Stars Change Universe
Isha Karki

Unstoppable Women, Nightmarish Cities: Asian Horror Cinema
Niyati Bhat

A Retrospective on Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction
Charles Tan

Notes on Indian Science Fiction: The Parallel Worlds of Jayant Narlikar and Vandana Singh *
Salik Shah

Asian SF: The Essential Reading List (2016)
Niall Harrison, Nisi Shawl, Jaymee Goh, Indra Das, Anil Menon & Others

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