Photo by Kevin Bidwell

For Ceallaigh

In the dream, you told me
the raven’s secrets, the names
by which crows call themselves,
the secret powers of jays.
Now, when a blue flash
at the window signals an arrival
or a shadow circles the roof
or a black feather lands at my feet,
I think of your wisdom
and I tell the birds
to carry my regard to you.

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Jennifer Crow
Shy and nocturnal, Jennifer Crow has rarely been photographed in the wild, but it’s rumored that she lives near a waterfall in western New York. You can find her poetry on several websites and in various print magazines including Asimov’s Science Fiction, Uncanny Magazine, Liminality and Kaleidotrope. She’s always happy to connect with readers on her Facebook author page or on Twitter @writerjencrow.