Planet Democracy: Stories of Hope, Courage, Unity and Compassion  

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A special issue of Mithila Review, the journal of international science fiction and fantasy, devoted to Hopepunk.

Mithila Review publishes powerful, personal, political and thought-provoking speculative fiction, poetry, reviews and interviews from award-winning and emerging writers around the world.

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Planet Democracy: Stories of Hope, Courage, Unity & Compassion

Table of Contents 


Salik Shah Hopepunk: When Hope Meets Action  


Robert Bagnall The Ones Who Scream America

Buzz Dixon Trucker

Eve Morton Milkman

Mark Rivett This Is My Home

paulo da costa Harefoot Express

Johnny Caputo The Rhythms of the World

Jetse de Vries Zen and the Art of Gaia Maintenance


Mari Ness Horsemen

J. D. Harlock Brighter Than the Last

Angela Acosta Paradise of the Abyss

Florence Lenaers School of Continuing Education

Gretchen Rockwell In My Utopias

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Our Partner

Special thanks to the National Democratic Institute (NDI) for making this edition of Mithila Review possible with their financial aid. The NDI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.