Submission Guidelines

Mithila Review is a journal of international science fiction and fantasy devoted to the best of speculative writing, arts, and culture. We welcome original submissions, reprints as well as translations from around the world. Please read the guidelines below to see if we’re accepting submissions at the moment.

Along with original speculative fiction and poetry, we also publish reviews, interviews, discussions, and essays centered around stories, books, movies, television series, arts, comics, and other media, with speculative elements that explore the interstitial spaces of politics, identity, and culture and reflect the diverse (and often underrepresented) experiences, perspectives, and nuances of the world we live in today.

What is speculative writing, arts, and culture?

Speculative writing, arts, and culture encompass literary and artistic works in the broad genre with supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements i.e. science fiction and fantasy (SFF), science fantasy, horror, alternative history, magic realism, fairytales, uncanny and weird. Learn more.

You’re welcome to join our Science Fiction and Fantasy group on Facebook for reading recommendations, academic resources, call for submissions, and other SFF updates.


We are looking for excellent fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, from people all around the world, but we are especially committed to promoting and amplifying diversity in what we publish.

We particularly want to hear stories from historically underrepresented and marginalized groups, particularly BIPOC creators, people identifying as LGBTQIA+, persons with disabilities, and voices from Dalit/ Bahujan/ Adivasi and other subaltern communities.

We’ve published both experienced and aspiring authors, and happily encourage first-time writers from anywhere in the world to submit.

Even if you’re not sure if your work is a good fit within the “speculative” criteria, please send it to us regardless, instead of self-rejecting. 


We’re currently OPEN to fiction and poetry submissions for a special global Hopepunk issue of Mithila Review. See full guidelines here: (Update: 26/02/22)

The general submissions guidelines are below:


Mithila Review is CLOSED to general poetry submissions. (Update: 18/09/21)

We welcome literary and speculative poetry from around the world. Please send us your best work. Our favorite poets include Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Amal El-Mohtar, Arundhathi Subramaniam, Gwendolyn Brooks, Kabir, Li-Young Lee, Shweta Narayan, Sofia Samatar, W.B. Yeats, among others.


Mithila Review is CLOSED to general fiction submissions. (Update: 18/09/21)

We are looking for speculative fiction that explores the interstitial spaces of politics, identity, and culture and reflects the diverse (and often underrepresented) experiences.

We want well-written and nuanced works that challenge long-held beliefs, make us feel and think, imagine newer, positive futures or serve as cautionary warnings, experiment with form and genre, or take us on an enthralling ride to places we’ve dared not venture before.

We want stories that are brave and breathtaking, and they may be as lyrical or literary as you like, so long as they contain some speculative elements. 


Mithila Review is OPEN to non-fiction submissions.

We are looking for reviews, essays, listicles, reaction pieces, and critical articles centered around SFF media and pop culture, particularly those that do not receive much mainstream attention.

Feel free to send us pitches with detailed outlines or completed articles at

Important tips: 

Please submit one story, one non-fiction piece or pitch, and/or up-to 3 poems in a single document at a time using the following form:

Formatting: We strongly prefer fiction submissions to be in the Standard Manuscript Format (both classic and modern). If you are unsure, please check this online template.

A cover letter, with a brief background and your pronouns, is preferred but optional.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, as long as you mention it in your cover letter, and let us know immediately if it is accepted elsewhere. 

Multiple submissions: You may not submit more than ONE story and/or THREE poems until you hear back from us. You may submit multiple pitches/non-fiction articles separately. 

We accept .doc and .docx formats.

Response Time: 2-8 weeks. Average: 2+ weeks.

Publication Frequency: 3-4 issues per year.

Payment: If/when our Patreon funds permit, we pay $10 for original poetry, essays, flash stories (under 2500 words), and reprints and $10-$50 for original stories between 4000-8000 words or longer. (Update: 10/24/16)

Rights: We need first-world electronic rights (text), and non-exclusive audio and anthology rights for our planned annual anthology.  

Support Us: Mithila Review is underfunded and run by volunteers. If you can, please donate or support us on Patreon, and help us become a professional market for emerging and award-winning poets and authors, across the world


We seek to publish stories that birth creative thought and positive action. In 2015, Mithila Review began its critically significant publishing journey with a belief that SFF “could be a fluid and powerful language of protest in the new era of demagogues.” We want to publish the best of speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, poetry, reviews, excerpts, and articles from award-winning and emerging writers around the world. 

We are a bunch of writers, lawyers, academicians, students etc. who are first and foremost lovers of good stories. If you believe that the best of science fiction and fantasy is a balm to our wounded soul — our dream to reach the stars, become a caring and responsible star-faring civilization and if you believe in the work Mithila has been doing for the past five years, then join us!

We are looking for volunteer narrators, readers, editors, proofreaders, artists, translators, and reviewers. Reach out to us at and help us in telling stories. 


We  are seeking aspiring and emerging voice actors to bring awesome science fiction and fantastic stories and poetry to life.If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you! Fill this form to apply with up to three reading samples: 


Mithila Review is seeking aspiring and emerging voice actors to bring awesome science fiction and fantastic stories and poetry to life. If you’re interested, fill this form to apply with up to three reading samples: 

Mithila Review is looking for reviewers of science-fiction and fantasy novels, anthologies, stories and poetry. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you! Fill this form to apply with a writing sample: