Photograph by Alison M

when milk is green, it is no 
longer fit for drinking

tongues are made only for churning
white solids of milk, for separating

ocean salt from hurricane shelters
& leaving behind blandness

search for Vishnu to tell me
which is poison, which is

nectar, which is for eating
& which is for destruction

when an ocean is green, there
is much left to be done

oil to extract, lather on bodies
& skin desiccated by the harsh

grasp of saltwater crystals
drenched in heated milk

wonder why they used Mandhara 
if oil drills were at their disposal

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Uma Menon
Uma Menon is a sixteen-year-old writer from Winter Park, Florida. She is the 2019-2020 Youth Fellow for the International Human Rights Art Festival. Her first book Hands for Language was shortlisted by the 2019 Erbacce Prize and is forthcoming from Mawenzi House Publishing.