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Author: Martin Šust

Martin Šust (*1977) is a prominent editor focusing on foreign, especially Anglo-American speculative fiction. He started being active in the genre as a fanzine publicist in 1999 and soon started an ambitious project of assembling Slovník autorů anglo-americké fantastiky (Reference Book of Anglo-American Speculative Fiction Authors). He works with several publishing houses on recommending works to be published, overseeing several book series, assisting with foreign rights, communicating with the authors, and preparing their short biographies for the Czech editions of their books. In 2003, he started working with the magazine Ikarie (later XB-1) and later on became the foreign fiction editor. He personally edited five anthologies of translated foreign fiction. All of them met with great success and won multiple awards. In 2013, Martin also won the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror award for lifetime achievement.