Issue 3, May 2016

Abdulrahiman Appabhai Almelkar

Art by Abdulrahiman Appabhai Almelkar / Sotheby’s


The Shortest Editorial Ever!


Presidential Cryptotrivia
Oliver Buckram

Her Mother’s Ghosts
Theodora Goss


Writing My Mother’s Ghosts
Theodora Goss


Two Poems
A.J. Odasso

The Giftie
John W. Sexton

The Genius
Sara Backer

Two Poems
Seth Jani

Two Poems
Vinita Agrawal


Notes on Indian Science Fiction: The Parallel Worlds of Jayant Narlikar and Vandana Singh
Salik Shah

Joshua Oppenheimer: Memories of Screams and Silence
Niyati Bhat

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