Mithila Review’s Issue 5 plus 6 will come out as a special Asian SF double issue in August 2016.

We have received excellent fiction, poetry and non-fiction submissions, but are still in the process of reading, editing and soliciting new work and reprints.

For writers and poets, it means that the deadline for our Asian SF issue has been extended through July. Please do consider making a contribution for our special edition. Apart from original fiction and poetry, we’re interested in reviews, interviews and discussions of books and authors listed in our essential reading list here, among others. We hope this list will keep you busy for a while!

Asian SF - Essential Reading List

It’s been an unusual month for our small editorial team. I have been a little too occupied by common cold, while my co-editor Ajapa is taking a World Lit summer course at Harvard. If you would like to volunteer copy + editing skills for upcoming and future editions of Mithila Review, we would love to hear from you!

We’re also looking for voice artists interested in giving their voice to fiction and poetry from new, emerging and established speculative authors and poets from Asia and beyond. You can listen to our existing podcasts here on SoundCloud.

As always, we’re counting on your contribution and support.


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Salik Shah
Salik Shah is the founding editor of Mithila Review. His poetry, fiction and nonfiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Strange Horizons, Asimov’s Science Fiction and Juggernaut, among other publications. You can find him on Twitter: @Salik Website: