ह्या ब्युरेटच्या तोटीशी
मी एक अविरत शून्य बुडबुडा
तुझे प्रत्येक टायट्रेशन चुकणार
कारण मी क्षणाक्षणाला वाढतोय 
तुझ्या डोळ्यांकडे

तुझ्या निळ्या डोळ्यांचा
लिटमस लाल झाला

– डॉ शिरीष गोपाळ देशपांडे


I am but an inconspicuous bubble
at the tip of this burette
failing all your titrations
as I grow
towards your eyes
speck by speck

turning the litmus blue of your eyes
into scarlet

Translated by Narendra Petkar

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Shirish Gopal Deshpande
Dr Shirish Gopal Deshpande is a Marathi poet.
Narendra Petkar
Narendra is mostly lost in fantasy and science fiction books, passionate about open source software, writes code for food and fiddles with a guitar in spare time.