और यान उड़ गया
डा. अरविन्द दुबे

सुदूर अंतरिक्ष से आए थे वे
प्रकाश की गति से तेज यानों में।
चिंतातुर, डरे, बीमार।
उनके यहां थी
युद्ध-लिप्सा, अंहकार,
मक्कारी और हैवानियत
और लडने को
अति विकसित एटमी हथियार।
खत्म होनेको थी उनकी सभ्यता।

सुदूर ग्रह से आए थे
वे हमारे पास,
हमारी ओर बांहें फैलाए,
एक आषापूर्ण दृष्टि लिए,
एक बसेरे की तलाश में,
जहां पनप सकें वे।

मगर हम क्या देते उन्हें,
कैसे कहते आओ रूको
यहां सब कुशल है
ताजी हवा है
मंगल ही मंगल है?

हमारे यहां भी
नाच रहा था आतंक का दैत्य,
सासों में भर रहा था विषैला धुआं।
हम भी खड़े थे
एटमी युद्ध के कगार पर,

अपनी-अपनी दादागीरी,
अपना-अपना अंहकार लिए,
रणचंडी की प्रतीक्षा में।

नहीं कह पाए हम एक बार
‘‘रूको, हमारे घर चलो’’
जड़ हो गर्इ हमारी जुबान
मर गर्इ अतिथि-प्रियता।
उड़ गया अंतरिक्ष यान
उसके साथ वे भी
एक नए बसेरे की तलाश में,
जहां सब मंगल ही मंगल हो।

ऐ अनजान मित्रो
जब मिल जाए तुम्हें
कोर्इ ऐसी जगह
जो हो
भयमुक्त, पृदूषण मुक्त,
मानवता से लबालब,
हमें भी बताना
हमें भी एक दिन भटकना है,
तुम्हारी ही तरह,
बसेरे की तलाश में।

The Shuttle Took Off

From the far-off lands,
arrived they
by the shuttles so swift,
more than
the feet of light
anxious, sick and shaken
all they had, was
battle and brutality
ego and guile
and mushroom clouds
to fight.
The sun had set,
their civilization,

From the far-off lands,
arrived they
with arms outstretched,
in search of an abode,
with eyes full of hope,
where they could prosper.

But what did we have
for them to yield?
How could we
let them stay and say
it’s all pleasant here?
And there is blessed and blissful air?

We also had
demons of terror
capering everywhere,
breathing poisons,
with the big mushroom
lurking at our threshold too.

Engulfed by narcissism
waiting to step
into battles
of our own making.
We couldn’t utter,
“don’t you worry
we’ll take you home.”
We stood,
our tongue crippled,
and congeniality dead.

So the shuttle took off
and carried them along
in search of a new abode
where it’s all pleasant
with peace and contentment.

O’ friends, unknown
if you ever find a land
free from terror, dirt and dust
brimmed with compassion
do a favor
to tell us.
a day would come
when we would wander
like you
in search of a new home.

Translated by Kshama Gautam

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Arvind Dubey
Dr Arvind Dubey is a professor at the Department of Pediatrics at Hind Institute of Medical Sciences. A consultant pediatrician and neonatologist, he is also known for his work as a science writer and communication.
Kshama Gautam
Kshama Gautam is a teacher, writer, poet and translator. Her short stories and poems have been published in Woman’s Era and Grihalakshmi (Delhi Press). She has written subtitles for an award winning short, and translated science fiction from Hindi to English for the renowned magazine Inter Nova. At present, she is an English teacher at Resonance Institute Jodhpur (Rajasthan). Her upcoming books include Daisy’s Diary.