With the launch of our new issue, we have become aware of two things. One, that we are extremely lucky to be part of such an active, open and diverse community of wonderful readers, writers and scholars from around the world. We remain grateful to our amazing readers, contributors, and editors at Strange Horizons and Clarkesworld Magazine for their guidance and support. Two, the Mithila Review project stops making sense when we lose the sight of our mission to explore, nurture and celebrate both critical and popular works of speculative fiction set in or about marginal spaces from writers around the world.

While we’ll always remain open and welcome excellent submissions from around the globe, we would like to devote the next issue of Mithila Review to assessing the state of homegrown speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy and horror, magic realism, slipstream, etc) and film particularly in Asia. We want to bring critical spotlight on SF either published from or meaningfully set in countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, North/South Korea, Israel, Cambodia, Iran, Malaysia, Philippines, among others, by writers with or without a claim to the countries or cultures that they are writing about. Without contribution from devoted SF writers, critics and scholars in and outside the region, such a literary and scholarly undertaking can’t become a reality.

This month we saw a large volume of poetry and fiction submissions. As we eagerly continue to read poetry and fiction, we also look forward to reading your critical essays, interviews and conversations, thoughtful reviews of speculative writers, films, books and multimedia projects. So, please send us your work and help spread the word around!

—Ajapa and Salik


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Asian SF - Essential Reading List

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Salik Shah
Salik Shah is the founding editor and publisher of Mithila Review. You can find him on Twitter: @Salik Website: salikshah.com