city skies flood with shimmering alien jellyfish
in the danger of evening, when your lover
looks otherworldly under pink dusk

sparkling star lips

and her electric soul is visible in her eyes

crackling madness

when she tells you her secrets and desires
and whispers promises as the sun extinguishes
and the city’s luminance seeps into her skin

twinkling blood kiss

the jellyfish come down and swallow her up
and you never glimpse those beautiful eyes again
because they are lost somewhere in deep space

blinking asterisk

turned to a dream-stream transmitting across eons

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Logan Thrasher Collins
Logan Thrasher Collins is an author, futurist, neuroscientist, and synthetic biologist. He is also a student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His poetry and short fiction have been published in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, Abyss & Apex, Aphelion, and 365tomorrows. His synthetic biology research has been published in ACS Biochemistry. Logan’s poem “Neuraweb” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Rhysling Award.