I am mostly inspired by details around me. I always try to highlight an insignificant factor just to show its significance, that even when it is nothing, at some point of time it will become something. Though in most of my works I have myself as the protagonist, which may seem a bit narcissistic. But the whole idea is to document everything around me. My work consists of photographs I take, which are placed over one another to create different spheres of surreal. Some works just highlight a small element in the frame.



They are and will be.

This is an old photograph of my parents, which I changed to B/W with traces of gray along with overlay of circles depicting the universe, which they are.


2When I climbed a hill and stood there, I could feel me and the hill become one.

Overlay of multiple images along with textures.



When the wind rustled against the curtains, I could see it slowly come to life.

Mirroring of the image along with a sketched eye, done in B/W.



My mind is one.

Sketched outline of a head along with layers of texture and hues of blue turning denser as it reaches the centre.



You never know where it ends.

A process from a scrap model , to a photograph, few filters and play with hues of blue and grey.


What will you choose ?

A photograph of what is under the Ellis Bridge of Allahabad. Beauty of which is the reflection that the river gives to the bridge. I placed the photograph upside down just to make you think, not what is rational, but what is aesthetic.


My chappals have always taken me places , even when I don’t tread on them.

A photograph of my chappals covered in the sands of Jaisalmer in B/W.
Both me and my chappals take rest as the “bhang” takes over.


We are all.

This a photograph of myself with an overlay of stars spreading from my nave. The contrast of the B/W and the colored texture of stars is something I am obsessed with. As it shows the relation of the universe with man.

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Ashish Mathew Mammen
Ashish Mathew Mammen is currently doing Bachelors in Architecture in Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur (Tamil Nadu). He is an artist, photographer, writer and singer on his way to becoming an architect.