where are you,
Nessie Nessie?

in endless doubt

the Paleolithic
and and back

camera clicks
just missed?

are you
in cardboard model heaven?

forward looking sonared
to distraction

of the limelight

of doubters and fakers
the wannabes and has-beens

did you tunnel
to the Atlantic?

catch a Sargasso ferry

to Mars

            and beyond?

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Brendan McBreen
Brendan McBreen is a poet and workshop facilitator with Striped Water Poets in Auburn Washington. He is a humorist, a haiku writer, a collage artist, and a cartoonist. Brendan has featured in various regional venues and is published in many journals including: Raven Chronicles, Farther Stars Than These, Eternal Haunted Summer, Circle Show, and in anthologies from Kind of a Hurricane Press. http://elsewhereintherain.wordpress.com/