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Spectacular Worlds in Translation

A hypertext of original narratives and home of the translated from around the globe, Mithila Review is an inquiry into the process of translating and the craft of storytelling.”

I wrote that description as a vision statement for Mithila Review last January, and it has taken us a year to finally begin to explore spectacular worlds in translation. The focus of this issue isn’t different from our previous six issues: we remain committed to publishing speculative fiction from underrepresented countries and marginal groups in the Anglophone world. In doing so, we hope to present to our readers around the world, the genre in its most vibrant form.


After our special issue devoted to “Asian SF” in 2016, Mithila Review turned into a paying quarterly publication. This is our first issue where some of our contributors are getting paid. Please note I said “some” not all as we are still short on funding:

Starting this year (until we launch a bigger crowd-funding campaign), we want to pay $10 for original poetry, essays, flash stories (under 2.5K words) and reprints; $50 for original stories between 4-8K words or longer. Please subscribe or donate to support Mithila Review and our contributors if you have enjoyed reading what we have published so far.

We can’t pay our contributors without your critical boost and patronage. You can find ways to support us here: Read Spectacular Worlds in Translation

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Dreams & Delusions

“Literature can train, and exercise, our ability to weep for those who are not us or ours.” — Susan Sontag Eight years ago, I was…

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