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Category: Poetry

The Gifts

The Gifts Sandi Leibowitz For Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman The sisters parted once the gifts were given. No need now to thread their lives…

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Seo-Young Chu: Life 38

Under my desk, head against wall, limbs folded in heaps on the floor, I open my eyes. (My body, it seems, migrated here last night.)…

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B. Clifford: An Elegy

Red earth and yellow sun and blood pouring out my mouth. Crisp oceans and pale eyes and a calligraphed smile on your lips. There was…

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Ken Poyner: Puppy Love

I will never meet Molly: Her slender three-sixty rotating arms, Her arch-sway thundering legs, her Incline balance to forty-five degrees. I will never sit across…

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Naru Dames Sundar: Moirae

Moirae Naru Dames Sundar I. Atropos, in the ink-stained night, Shears forged from time-foam Buried in the light cone’s shadow. Lachesis, counting star-seeds, Trapped in…

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